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Clothing & Accessories meets Artificial Intelligence

Noisy Cart sells clothing & accessories from your favourite brands with artificial intelligence measuring your body to give you a perfect fit recommendation. 

When you create an account, you will be prompted to fill in your weight, height & upload two images - a front and side profile (easier with someone taking the pictures but can be self pictures in the mirror, please see guide). 

Once this is done the technology needs under 2 minutes to calculate your body measurements which automatically syncs to our products to give you size recommendations for every product. 

If you would rather not create an account but want to take advantage of the sites technological functions, you can click "find perfect fit" button found on each product page. However, because you are not signed in your information is not saved and you will have to go through the process each time you visit the site.

Create your profile now and be part of the future of shopping. 

You can also read about our other amazing feature;  shop for a friend to get any member with an accounts perfect size recommendation to make shopping for others easy & efficient.

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