FMRU Rebrands to Noisy Cart

FMRU Rebrands to Noisy Cart

Announcing Our Rebrand from FMRU Clothing to Noisy Cart


 We are excited to announce that we have rebranded from FMRU Clothing to Noisy Cart.! Our company is in a fortunate position to have brought on new partners and have a growing team, making now, the right time to start fresh with a new face.

 Previously with FMRU (Fit Me Right Up), we focused more on the technology aspect of our business than on what truly makes us what we are; our passion for style, class & fashion. Through Noisy Cart, we want to show that not only are we a marketplace that sells incredible fashion products with a unique sizing component, but also a BRAND that people can trust to find their desired looks.

 Clothing & accessories are considered to be material goods that don’t add value to one’s life, but Noisy Cart STRONGLY believes that this is simply not true. When you look in the mirror and feel a sense of confidence that you’ve never had before, wearing your Balmain sweater or in your Prada shoes, only then, will you truly understand the value of fine luxury.

 Carrying yourself with dignity and being proud of the work you put in should never feel like a waste, so next time someone gasps at the cost of your outfit, remember that you either need new friends or are in the wrong room. We have no time for mediocrity.

 Confidence is sexy and to be confident we must be proud of how we present ourselves.

 Find your confidence,

 Noisy Cart.

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