Shop for Friends Like Never Before

Shop for Friends Like Never Before

Buying clothing for friends & family is always intimidating. Did she gain weight or is she just loving heavy sweaters these days? Did Jimmy shrink? Sam seems to grow a foot every year! Our innovative solution to this is turning online shopping upside down and will have you wishing this always existed.

We are introducing the ‘Shop For a Friend’ feature, while browsing through products you will be prompted to insert your family or friends email to get their measurements for each clothing product. You will not be able to see their information but the clothing sizing charts will be matched with their measurements instead of yours using this feature so that you are confident you are buying the right size for them.

We are aiming to give the very best user experience and are so excited to bring this feature into the world of online shopping. You can switch back and forth between your shopping profile and ‘Shop for a friend’, adding products to the shopping cart & continuing for as long as you please. What a time, what a world.

 Shop the right way, with Noisy Cart!


Thanks for reading this blog and look forward to having you back,

 Lucas Koren


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