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Vision for the Future of Online Shopping

In today’s technology driven world everything is consistently evolving to make life better or easier; with that being said, since the introduction of online clothes shopping in the early 2000’s there has been a lack of innovation in the industry. Have you ever bought clothing online that didn’t fit? Or bought 4 pairs of one item, only to return the other 3 that were the wrong size?

Our goal is to make these concerns a thing of the past by using modern day technology to give users the online shopping experience they are in need of. By simply uploading two images of yourself, a front profile and a side profile (see uploading image guide in user profile page), we will calculate 47 different body measurements. We then take these measurements and match them up with every single clothing products size charts to give our users the most precise fit recommendation possible. No more worrying about size, no more disappointment – just a simply beautiful shopping experience. We have also added a 'Shop for a friend' feature that allows you to insert a friend or family members name and you will get their size recommendation. 

We are so excited to have you on our site and want to succeed in giving you the very best experience possible. We will be updating and growing our technology, our products offered and our customer service continuously. Any & all recommendations of how we can do better to satisfy you as a user is welcomed & encouraged – please email  with all suggestions.

Have questions about the Retail E-commerce Industry in 2020? Click here to find out. 

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