FMRU - What is an M.V.P.?

FMRU - What is an M.V.P.?

The acronym M.V.P. stands for Minimum Viable Product, which is essentially a product with just a sufficient amount of features or usability for the first users. It is a very important initial step in developing the final product based on feedback, and consumer behavioural patterns. 

The concept is part of the 'Lean Start-Up' a fantastic book written by Eric Ries, that explains an effective approach to building a technology company in the 21st century. Start at a minimum point, have a base, your core values written down, and have the issue you are solving / how you are going to solve it in mind. If you created your entire company from start to finish before it was ever used by anyone, only based off of your perception of how it should be created, you are playing a very dangerous game. You could have put money, time and resources towards something that nobody wants. 

The main ideology of the Lean Start-Up is to build slowly, test often, integrate what works / what was liked, removing what wasn't and repeat that process over continuously. 

For FMRU, our "base" is the photo based measuring, shop for a friend feature and a deep consumer focus. Now that our base is in place, we will be utilizing the many analytics we capture through consumer usage of our site to build, build, build and build some more through continuous learning. There will be bugs, there will be issues, and things won't always work as they should but we will grow as a result of each of them.

Creating the future of shopping with emphasis on the consumer is our priority and through continuous learning we will do just that. 

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Lucas Koren

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