Add Some Flare

Add Some Flare

This 1970’s style is back for another round! Trends always come back around and this season the 70’s are making a return. From billowy blouses to stilt-like platform shoes, todays trendsetters are pulling countless references from the era of disco and sex. But, nothing has made as strong of a comeback as the flared leg pants.

In the 1970’s, bell bottoms were the “it” item that everyone had to own. Worn by the most influential icons of the era such as Cher and Farrah Fawcett, they were a must have. Seen in varying fabrics and in any colour imaginable, this flattering style intended to make your waist look smaller and legs appear longer was a staple of 70’s fashion.

These wide leg pant styles have been popping up on runways for a few seasons now, but the influencers have all the say. Emma Chamberlain, 20 year old social media star, led the trend of flared leg yoga pants. This sporty style is being worn to replace the skin tight leggings we saw trending in the 2010’s. Paired with a sweatshirt for Sunday grocery store runs or dressed up with a sexy bodysuit for a night on the town, this simple but incredibly flattering silhouette is taking over.

Not only are simple everyday flares coming back into style, brighter and bolder styles are also being worn by the biggest names in fashion. From retro inspired denim to printed trousers, this shape is popping up everywhere. Flared jeans have taken over street style and have been worn by celebrities like Margot Robbie and Bella Hadid, and printed styles have been seen on edgy rock stars like Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus. This style is taking over in place of where skinny jeans used to reign supreme.

This hippie style has moved mainstream once again, and Noisy Cart has the perfect flare for you!


For the Sporty Influencer

If a black sporty flared pants similar to the style sported by Emma Chamberlain is what you’re after, look no further than these Off-White performance trousers! With their comfortable style and unique details, these are the perfect pair of pants for everyday wear. So effortless, yet so cool.

Available on Noisy Cart for $915. Shop the look here.

For the Bold Trendsetter

Gucci, known for taking inspiration from 60s and 70s style in their recent collections under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, has created the perfect wide leg jean. These flared jeans are perfect to capture that authentic retro 70’s aesthetic.

Available on Noisy Cart for $1,180. Shop the look here.

Whether your style is bold or laid back, this silhouette is a must have in your wardrobe.

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