Balenciaga Wins Paris Fashion Week 2021

Balenciaga Wins Paris Fashion Week 2021

Paris Fashion Week 2021, showing off next years 2022 collections has been amazing. 

Balenciaga absolutely went OFF in their biggest show since the pandemic started. Paris fashion week is notoriously known for bringing out the very best of the brands that present their new collections there and Balenciaga definitely did not disappoint.

The style this year seen throughout almost every brand in the know is BIG. Oversized, baggy, bulky, awkward and dramatic could all be used to describe what Balenciaga put together and we are here for it!! They also got every celebrity ever to showcase the new looks coming out in 2022. 

Here are some of our favorite looks from the red carpet event:

Offset at Balenciaga Red Carpet Paris Fashion Show 2021

Offset featuring their new design skinny, long shoe. Also featuring oversized jacket, baggy pants and comfy hoodie.


Elliot Page at Balenciaga's Paris Fashion Show 2021 

Elliot page rocking the square boot shoe, and oversized black pant suit. These shoes are crazy!!

 Lewis Hamilton at Balenciaga Paris Fashion Show

Lewis Hamilton not to be outdone, also sports the new square boot shoe and oversized jacket pants combo.

Naomi Campbell at Balenciaga Paris Fashion Week

Naomi Campbell wearing a grey pant suit on Balenciaga's Paris fashion show red carpet.

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