Best Men’s Bottoms for Summer (Men’s Style)

Best Men’s Bottoms for Summer (Men’s Style)

Men have the luxury of not being known as fashion forward thinkers. Meaning they are not expected to have a great sense of fashion, so when they do it’s very easy to stand out. While the rest of the guys around you are wearing baggy pants & socks with sandals you can assert your dominance with the ladies (or men, if you swing that way) with these summer styles.


The athlete

If a game of B ball breaks out, you’re ready. If a push-up contest comes out of nowhere, you’re ready. If you are going on a nature hike, you’re ready. Athletic wear will always be a good play, whether it’s loud colors or minimal, you’re good. Check one of my favorite looks below.

Calvin Klein workout shorts 

Calvin Klein performance shorts that look equally amazing as they feel - click here shop the style now. 


 Life of the pool party

Pool days are for fun. With this in mind your swimsuits can be wild or tamed, loud or soft. Do not be afraid to go a little overboard with color, giving your outfit the shine, it needs on your carefree pool days.


Calvin Kein Red Swimsuit Available on FMRU Clothing

Calvin Klein Red Swimsuit is the perfect amount of flash to keep it fun. Click here to shop the look now


Milan inspired Capri’s

Inspired by the global hub of fashion, Milan, capri jeans are for the bold. This look will attract attention because of its uniqueness. It can be pulled off with high socks or no socks at all, but this is key to making this look work. Impress with your Milan fashion style this summer. See what I mean below.


Antony Morato Jeans available on FMRU

Antony Morato Capri jeans, Click here to shop the look 

Jort season

Jeans shorts are an amazing way to bring some class to your short game. Whether it’s an outdoor barbeque, going out for patio drinks or just casual hangouts, jorts will keep you looking good & still let the legs breathe this summer.

Zayn Malik Heading to show in Levi's Jorts, available of fmru clothing

Zayn Malik rocking the levi’s jorts, click here to shop the look


For more style tips check out my other article on men's style for tops. 

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