Bottoms to Win Summer This Year (Women’s Style)

Bottoms to Win Summer This Year (Women’s Style)

Summer bottoms are some of THE most fun things to throw on. Do I keep it casual? Do I spice it up? Extra short, super long… doesn’t matter, anything’s possible when the weather is amazing!! Here’s my guide to staying fashionable and fun this summer.


Jean Shorts or should I say Jorts…

I LOVE jorts!! Fun, cute, casual and perfect for going out. They are my go-to summer look, I seriously wear them all the time. I should add, I have them in all styles & colours so my looks always changing within the jean short realm.

Kendell Jenner in Levi's Shorts available on fmru clothing

Kendell Jenner looking perf in Levi's Jorts - shop the look.


Tennis Shorts but not for tennis…

These are such an underrated piece of clothing ladies!! Tennis shorts are cute, sporty and look very stylish I promise. If you are a fan of the more athletic look, you need shorts like this!! They are a huge game changer.

Comfy, cute and perfect for summer. Shop the style now


High Waisted Capri Jeans…

I know what you’re thinking “jeans in the summer?? What is she thinking!!!” and yes, this suggestion is one that I get a lot of pushback on but I stand by it. Not every day in the summer is perfect, some will be rainy, some cooler so you not to have some versatility in your arsenal. They look good, trendy and will keep you warmer on the colder days.

High Waisted Levi's Capri's available of fmru clothing 

Levi's high waisted capri's are perfect!! Shop the look now


Performance Booty Shorts…

 These are very different than tennis shorts. While tennis shorts are loose fitting covering up what your bottoms got going on, the performance shorts are for the booty. They aren’t as tight as leggings but are still fairly tight to show off the work you put in !!


Calvin Klein Performance Shorts available on fmru clothing

Calvin Klein performance shorts - shop the look now

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