Fashionable, comfortable and down right CUTE style picks to keep you looking amazing as the weather gets colder!!! My name is Cecilia Styles and i'm here to give you all the fashion insights you would ever need!

 First thing you need as the weather gets colder is a nice jacket.

My FAVORITE this year is Burberry's tan blotched puffer jacket. Look at this beauty!!! Comfortable, sleek and very warm. Definitely a must have in the cold weather for a casual yet stylish look. 

Burberry tan blotched puffer jacket

Pair this look with Burberry's stylish shoulder bags or backpack depending on the look you're going for. Here are two of my favorites to pair with this jacket:

The vintage check & leopard print finish shoulder bag or the Burberry Vintage check design backpack .

Burberry vintage check and leopard print shoulder bagBurberry Vintage check backpack



Next thing you'll want is a sweater that keeps you warm but can be worn in any occasion. Whether its a dinner party, a night out on the town or a night in with a bottle of wine these style picks will have you covered. 

Off-white consistently makes desirable, high quality sweaters that you will love to wear. Here are two of my favorite designs.

Off-White Intarsia OFF print sweater

OFF Off-white intarsia sweater


Off-White circle scribble print sweater

Off-white circle scribble print sweater


Givenchy Two-Tone Cashmere Sweater

Givenchy Two-tone cashmere sweater

I suggest pairing any of these sweaters with a beautiful shoulder bag. Shoulder bags are perfect for the colder weather because holding a bag by hand is not an option in this weather!! Here's my favorite, by Givenchy: 

Givenchy Paris Grey and Brown shoulder bag

Givenchy Paris Logo Print Shoulder Bag .

Now moving on...it's called hoodie season for a reason!!

This is an easy one for me to recommend, Yves Saint Laurent. High fashion brand that makes incredible casual clothing. Perfect for staying in and for going out - you can do no wrong with a Saint Laurent Hoodie!

Here are my favorites; some days i like a simple, subtle look and some days i want bold colors. 

Saint Laurent Black Logo Print Hoodie

Saint Laurent 50's hoodie

Saint Laurent Red Logo Print Hoodie

Saint Laurent Red Hoodie

The classic Turtle-Neck may be last on the list but is definitely still a necessity.

Classy, comfortable, warm and safe. Feel good all day with this beauty from Dsquared2. The I Heart Dsquared2 turtle neck is clean, cute and simple.

I heart dsq2


Every look on this list i would pair with my number one go to sunglasses...the very clean and beautiful Dior Stellaire 1 sunnies!!!

dior stellaire 1 sunglasses

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