How To: Shop Sustainable and Trendy

How To: Shop Sustainable and Trendy

Fast fashion is raging as rampant as ever. With the climate crisis roaring on and fashion waste becoming one of the biggest contributors, many are looking to steer their fashion consumption to sustainable alternatives. But where to begin? With so many trends turning over at a fast pace, you may be wondering how you can stay sustainable as well as fashionable.


One option for those looking for sustainability on a budget, is buying second-hand. From thrift stores to designer consignment, there are lots of ways to shop high and low end pre-loved items. Keeping clothing out of landfills and allowing people who may not be able to afford high end designer prices, second-hand clothing can be the perfect solution. But you may be wondering, how can I shop older items while keeping up with current trends? Current trends are almost always styles that are circling back from past generations. Whether it be bellbottom jeans from the 70’s, or slinky slip dresses from the 90’s, old can become new once again. Knowing what to look for is key; and interpreting modern styles in your own way helps you build an individual sense of style that is entirely unique to you.

If second-hand is not your thing, shopping from higher end sustainable brands can be your solution. Rather than purchasing cheap fast fashion garments meant to last merely a season, opt for items that will remain in your closet for years to come. Buying at a higher price point means it is built to last with better fabric and better construction. High end prices typically also come with more ethical production. Shopping smart and buying items for more money that you truly love allows you to keep that love for a long time, compared to micro trends you may forget after a week.


Here are some tips on taking current micro trends and interpreting them into your own style.


I'm sure you have seen these dresses flooding your social media feeds every day for the past month. And while its immense popularity may have you thinking “I NEED that dress”, consider if you truly love it or if you feel you need to have it to meet this specific trend. Here are some alternatives to get the same look, not only more sustainably, but more unique to your own style.


How to Interpret Micro Trends

Find out what you like about the style. Whether it be the fun print, the fabric or the silhouette. If the funky print or bold colour is what you like, search out higher end or vintage second-hand pieces with a fun edge to incorporate into your wardrobe. For a garment you can easily add to your wardrobe, try out a vintage top with a retro print, like these thrifted tops from the 2000's.

Or, if what you want is a dress in a statement pattern, try a higher end style from brands like Missoni, known for their bold retro prints or Roberta Einer, known for their knit dresses.

If crochet dresses are your vibe, check out these more classic and long-lasting styles. Looking for crochet dresses in neutral tones means they can be styled in many different ways and will never go out of style.

If the form fitting halter dress silhouette is what you love, try a simple staple for your wardrobe. Here you can get creative with your style and try it in any colour or print your heart desires!


When shopping new trends, make sure it is something you truly love and not something you are buying to fit into what is new and cool. Trends fizzle out fast, but style is forever; and finding trendy garments that suit your unique style will keep your wardrobe sustainable and current.


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