NBA Style Fits for the Week of August 17

NBA Style Fits for the Week of August 17


Jason Tatum

Jason Tatum NBA Bubble Outfit 

A mix of street and athleisure is the style of summer. Made popular by NBA players, this look is just downright cool. Tatum rocks short shorts to show off his leg tat’s, matching his shoes & shorts, he’s got the high socks popping and a cool I Heart NY Tee to complete the look.

Swaggy P

Swaggy P We're all mad NBA outfit 

The modern-day Dennis Rodman, Swaggy P might be the coolest guy alive. An amazing father but an even better fashion icon. He started his own brand “Most Hated Player”, as seen rocking his own “We’re all Mad Here” tee. He matched this with the new puma  ball shoes, high socks and graffiti workout shorts.


Russell Westbrook

 Russell Westbrook NBA Bubble Outfit


The coolest thing about Russ is he does whatever he wants. He brings tie-dye into Orlando, matching it with the Jordan’s & blurred lined pants. This style is a little crazier than I’d wear but if you’re this cool you can pull anything off. 


PJ Tucker 

 PJ Tucker Athletic NBA Bubble Outfit

The track jacket look is the ultimate athletic look. Modern day you can wear the athletic look to the gym, dinner or to watch the game – the versatility is endless, and I can’t get enough of it.


Jordan Clarkson

 Jordan Clarkson NBA Bubble Outfit

Jordan Clarkson NBA Bubble Fit Part 2

This blog started as an NBA fits feature but quickly turned to a Jordan Clarkson style appreciation post?? Big fan of the Chuck Taylor, you can see the different ways to add them into your fits.

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