NYFW S/S 2022 Forecast

NYFW S/S 2022 Forecast

New York Fashion Week is right around the corner and designers and guests are ready to get back to fashion as usual. As trends move faster and faster each season, we are looking ahead to designers to tell us what to look out for in the coming fashion cycles. Fashion week provides a plethora of shows that showcase all that high fashion has to offer. From high end luxury gowns to avant-garde art pieces, the fashion week stage has it all.  

Big name labels such as Moschino, Coach and Tom Ford are set to display their new collections for Spring/Summer 2022. As well, more contemporary brands like Proenza Schouler and Altuzarrra will be showing on the big stage. While these are the names you will see all over social media, I have gathered some lesser known designers that are up-and-coming and set to make big waves in the fashion world.

Here are my recommendations for designers you should keep an eye on this coming fashion week:


Promoting body positivity and diversity in their runway shows, Chromat consistently highlights models of all shapes, sizes and gender identities on their runway. Showcasing swimwear and lingerie, an area of fashion that has often been very narrow-minded in its runway shows, Chromat breaks the mold. Chromat shows their futuristic designs on real bodies to showcase what the future of bodywear can, and should be.


Puppets and Puppets

Puppets and Puppets is an artistic avant garde project turned fashion label. Taking inspiration from vintage Victorian styles including bustles and corsets and pairing them with modern trends, they create a style completely their own. The growing interest in vintage fashion is on full display in their shows. Puppets and Puppets is always on the cutting edge, turning high fashion into something that is less “trend” and more art.


Thom Browne

Beginning as a menswear designer before branching out to womenswear, Thom Browne has a style that is instantly identifiable. Often using shades of grey and blending femininity with masculinity, Thom Browne has been one of the trendiest names in menswear. He has statement making runway shows and has dressed some of the biggest names in men’s, and women's fashion on the red carpet. His bold shapes, sharp edges and unique silhouettes have made this label one to watch.



Vaquera creates the perfect mix of classic femininity with avant-garde high art. Their bold aesthetic blends traditional styles with a modern edge. Using staple pieces like lacey slip dresses paired with oversized blazers, this brand's style encapsulates the dichotomy of what it is to be a modern woman. Equal parts dainty and strong. Always unafraid to push boundaries, Vaquera will catch your eye and keep your attention.

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