Women’s Accessories Style Guide in 2020 (Women’s Style)

Women’s Accessories Style Guide in 2020 (Women’s Style)

Every year handbag trends come and go. No more mixed colours, no more lines, no more patterns…Minimalist is everything ladies!! Your bag colour can be LOUD, it can be soft, but this year one colour is key to winning the accessories game this year.


Loud with bright colors…

Expressing your personality and flare through clothing & accessories is key!! Allow your true self to shine with a color so loud the whole room knows you’ve arrived.

By Far pink bag

By Far Pink handbag pops & shines in all the right place.


Put your shoulder into it…

The cross-body shoulder strap is legit my personal favorite bag to wear. The ones I own are smaller than usual bags because I think it’s the most comfortable and cute look for me (ps. I’m a short girl!!). These bags you can wear to more causal outings & running errands to make your outfit perfect. Check out my favorites below in both colors!! Style tip, white is best for summer/ spring & black is best for fall / winter but that’s completely up to you!

White shoulder strap calvin klein bag available on fmru clothingBlack Shoulder strap calvin klein bag available on fmru clothing

Calvin Klein Shoulder strap bags are so cute - you can browse now on fmru clothing


Fancy it up with a small hang bag why don’t ya…

The smaller hand bag has been the perfect dinner party/ evening out bag for a while now and for good reason; its amazing. Beautiful in design, it’s the best accessory to wear with a dress. See one of my favorite buckle tote bags from Love Moschino Below.

Moschino Tote Bag available on FMRU clothing

Love Moschino Tote bag is perfect for a classy dinner. shop the look now



Brand names are cool, they are usually the reason you buy a specific product. But there’s something about buying a beautiful accessory with minimal branding, it’s a statement that you aren’t here to show off even though you could be. I love this look. The posh look -  I don’t care to impress you, but I will anyways.


Black on Black Calvin Klein Wallet available on fmru clothing

Black on Black Wallet captures the minimalist look beautifully. Shop the look now

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