What Tops to Rock This Summer (Women’s Style)

What Tops to Rock This Summer (Women’s Style)

One thing’s for sure, summer is here. Whether you’re stuck inside or out and about dressing in summer clothes will, without a doubt make you happier. Every day we’re seeing tops with more colours, patterns, floral and a LOT more skin…turning the heat way up people…here’s my guide for getting exactly what you need this summer.


Less is more with the sports bra….

 The sports bra keeps you comfy, cute and ready for summer. Pose as the athlete you never wanted to be or be the perfect little athlete you have been all along!! Either way style out in the cutest sports bra tops.

Calvin Klein Sports Bra available of fmruclothing

Calvin Klein Camo Sports Bra. Buy now on fmruclothing.com


Shoulder tops with no sleeves…

 These light tops will let the arms breathe but with some shoulder action. They are optimizing comfort and style, making you the subtle star of the show.

Love Moschino Top available on fmru clothing

Shop the style now.

Oversized Cropped Tee’s

The tee that nobody saw coming is here, oversized and cropped. A mix of baggy and sexy – let the belly shine while the girls upstairs breathe in this loose comfy look.

Cropped Fila Tee available on fmru clothing

Cropped Fila Tee - Shop the look now


I like that hoodie but uhm let’s crop it?…

Keeps you warm and HOT. The belly gets the attention it deserves while keeping you covered up top. Ideal for those late nights when the sun goes down, but the party goes on!!

Moschino Couture Cropped Hoodie available on fmru clothing  

Moschino Couture kills this look - Shop the style today!




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