About FMRU

FMRU stands for Fit Me Right Up... created to give users confidence that the products they buy online will fit.

To achieve this we use A.I. to measure your body in under a minute and use these measurements to provide you with a perfect size recommendation for the thousands of clothing products we sell.

We have over 50+ brands on the site & our products are provided to us via brand supplier partnerships. This allows us to sell the most popular luxury branded goods in the world at market value.

Our Mission

We started this company as a solution for individuals who cannot physically go out to stores to buy clothes. It blossomed into a luxury fashion marketplace with an emphasis on making the user feel as if they are trying the clothes on in person, that's how accurate our size recommendation tool is.

We also learned early on that the carbon footprint of the retail industry is massive; this is due to the need for returns; which add waste, transportation (for refunds) and extra labor. We set out to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint, which was successfully achieved with the implementation of our sizing tool.

Business Information

85 Church Street Unit 1

L5M 1M6, Mississauga ON, Canada

(Address for returns)

Warehouse Location:

Torino (TO) – Italy

*All returns are to be addressed to our Office listed earlier, not our warehouse*


FMRU Support - Info@fmruclothing.com

Phone # 647-991-7124

CEO Email – Lucas.Koren@outlook.com